Kitchen & dining

Our kitchen and dining pieces will live up to your highest expectations of quality and function. Want a table in a different stain, wood, top shape or size? Let us help you customize the piece that will stand up to busy weeknight dinners but couldn’t be more elegant for holiday meals.

Mission Corner Nook

This set is ideal for breakfast, gaming and family gatherings. Shown here in oak, the set includes under-seat storage, a bench and a pedestal table. Customize your wood and stain. Also available in two-tone. We saw it displayed by the maker at a furniture show using walnut and wormy maple for a truly outstanding table. Other options include bench storage all the way to the floor! All pieces can be ordered individually, so if you just want the corner benches, we’ll be glad to help.

Made in Franklin County

Browse our wide selection of locally made chairs and stools. All pieces feature sturdy construction with quality woods, a variety of stains and fine detail.

Pie safes &
jelly cupboards

Beautifully store your food, media, linens, office supplies or anything else that needs a home! Appropriate for any room in the house, and fully customizable. Safes and cabinets come with wood panel doors or with copper or tin panels with different designs, including wheat, willow tree and star patterns.

The selection of furniture on our website and in our store reflects only a fraction of what’s available from our builders. We offer custom ordering at the same low prices as you see on the floor, and you can choose from hundreds of styles. We will happily work with you to find just the piece you’re looking for, customize it exactly to your taste, and order it for delivery.

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