Dulcie’s buying tips

Bring a sample

Furniture doesn’t have to match, in wood, stain, or style!  Variety is a good thing, but if you want to match something you already have, it’s good to bring a sample with you, such as a drawer or shelf so we can see what comes closest. Pictures are good for matching style, but to match a stain it’s always best to have an actual sample with you.  Colors can look a lot different in person than in a picture, especially on camera phones.

Take note of dimensions

Measure, measure, measure the space you’re trying to fill or the piece you want to replace and write the measurements down. When we start looking at pieces, it will be hard to judge how large something is compared to your space. Once we start talking dimensions, you’ll need to refer to your notes.

Understand wood vs. stain

Know the difference between wood color and stain color. I frequently have people say they want cherry because it’s dark, or oak because it’s light; however, it’s all about the stain you pick. You can have a light cherry or a dark oak. Others will say the wood they are trying to match is a “dark wood,” when all that really means is that there is a dark stain on the wood.

Expect price differences

Eliminating certain things from a piece or making it smaller doesn’t mean the price will be smaller. If a builder has to make changes from the standard measurements, the price will likely be at least as much if not more than the original piece they make.

Painting is more expensive than staining by usually 5% to 20%. We can get unfinished furniture at usually 5% to 10% less than a finished piece, if you’re prepared to finish it yourself.

Some woods are more expensive than others, so expect the same piece in a different wood to be a different price.

The selection of furniture on our website and in our store reflects only a fraction of what’s available from our builders. We offer custom ordering at the same low prices as you see on the floor, and you can choose from hundreds of styles. We will happily work with you to find just the piece you’re looking for, customize it exactly to your taste, and order it for delivery.

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